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Established in 2010, XTool is a leading global provider of car diagnostic solutions, with a strong presence in over 73 countries. Our headquarters in Shenzhen, China, and a subsidiary in California, USA, established in 2016, reflect our commitment to international expansion.

XTool offers a diverse product line, including vehicle diagnostic scanners, key programming systems, ADAS calibration, and TPMS systems. Renowned for our dominance in the key programming tablet market in the USA, we continue to deliver competitive solutions in diagnostic scanners and its relative products and services.

Pioneering the introduction of special functions for car diagnostics, XTool sets itself apart by providing superior performance at a more cost-effective rate compared to competitors. With a dedicated team of over 200 engineers, we continually develop cutting-edge software to support the latest car makes, models, and features.

Aside from the traditional vehicle scanners, our EV car diagnostic scanner, N9EV, stands out with advanced features tailored for popular electric vehicles. As our business in the USA experiences rapid growth, we are poised to deliver innovative solutions that redefine automotive diagnostics.

With the principle of "make repairing easier",
XTOOL creates auto diagnostic products
that are sold worldwide.

More Professional & Easier

Company Honors throughout
14 Years Development



Top 20
Repair Tools

Excellent Suppliers


XTOOL has strong technical R&D strength
Total 240+ patents and 120+ software copyrights.

Our own laboratory and production base can guarantee the whole product life cycle service from R&D, production, maintenance and recycling.


R&D Team

XTOOL has 60% of R&D staff, members mainly from Microsoft, Huawei, ZTE, Foxconn etc. With rich experience in software, hardware, Internet and Telematics. Provide the underlying technical guarantee for products and services.

Own Lab + IPD Management

XTOOL's own R&D lab can provide favorable support for product upgrade and new product development. We have strong cloud platform R&D strength to realize integrated product development management.

Brand Resources

After more than 14 years of accumulation, XTOOL have more than 95% of rich vehicle model resources and strong automotive underlying data analysis and processing capabilities, as well as strong cloud platform R&D capabilities to achieve integrated product development management.


Industrial Chain

XTOOL integrates the R&D, production, sales, and service of automotive intelligent diagnostic hardware and software. With a self-owned production base spanning over 10,000 square meters, we ensure safe, reliable, and stable product usage and service experiences for our customers.

ISO9000/IATF 16949:
QM Standards

XTOOL's products passed ISO-9001-2008, ISO-13458, ISO-14001, ISO-TS16949, IATF 16949 quality certification, and strictly follow the international quality management index to ensure product quality.

Assurance System

Through real vehicle testing, reliability verification, software testing, and other procedures, combined with advanced laboratory equipment and a professional talent team, XTOOL employ reliable verification methods. Each diagnostic test is conducted based on measured stress to ensure that the product meets national standards and customer requirements.


5 Standard
Testing Links

A new launched product will go through 5 standard tests and dozens of subsections, including hardware test, reliability test, system test, software test and real vehicle application test, to ensure each product meet requirements at performance & function level.

and Evaluation

All finished products undergo 100% reliability testing before shipment. Over 200 partner repair and testing centers provide comprehensive evaluations and reports. If any bugs are found, the products are sent back to the development team for correction, ensuring maximum product stability and reliability.

Control Tests

Around the product testing link, XTOOL will go through hundreds of quality control tests for every new product and every new function on the market to strictly manage the product quality and ensure product quality and service.


Zero Delay

XTOOL is committed to building a "zero delay response" after-sales service team to solve after-sales problems for customers in a timely manner, always thinking what customers think.

Technical Team

XTOOL has a professional technical team to provide customers with technical consultation, technical training, remote assistance and other value-added services.

Service Upgrade

XTOOL has extended after-sales service hours. 09:00-22:00 24/7 online to solve technical and after-sales problems for customers except for the Spring Festival holiday.

Full Product Series Covering Auto Repair
Scenarios with Intelligent Auto Diagnostics


Excellent Partner of Mobike

Innovative Enterprise Award

“Zte IOT” Best Partner

Top 20 Repair Tools of 2018

High & New Technology Qualification Certificate


Certificate of Invention 1

Certificate of Invention 2

Patent Certificate for Utility Model 1

Patent Certificate for Utility Model 2

Patent Certificate for Utility Model 3

Patent Certificate for Utility Model 4

Patent Certificate for Utility Model 5

Patent Certificate for Utility Model 6

Patent Certificate for Utility Model 7

Patent Certificate for Utility Model 8

Design Patent Certificate 1

Design Patent Certificate 2

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