KS-1 Toyota Smart Key Simulator

KS-1 is a 5 in 1 simulation card can eliminate the need to disassemble the smart box and other modules. As long as the original car data is read from the OBD to generate the simulation card, the ignition switch can be turned on to realize the function of clearing and adding the smart key.

  • Intelligently Generate New Keys.

    Through the reading of the original car data, a smart key is generated

  • More Cars

    Support Toyota 94 / D4, 98, 39, 88 / A8, A9 smart keys all lost fast matching

  • Reuse

    Turn off the power or remove the battery , you can restore it to initial state

  • All lost No disassembly

    read the original car data from OBD to generate emergency simulation key, directly drive the car without disassembly

Rich functions

Parameters and packing list


Packing list


  • standby current:≤2ua
  • Operating Current:≤8ma
  • Working Temperature:-10℃~60℃
  • Storage Temperature:-20℃~70℃
  • Dimensions:66*40*12mm


  • User Manual

  • Certificate of quality

Main Units

  • KS-1 Toyota Smart Key Simulator