iOBD2 mini for iOS and Android

The iOBD2 mini is the perfect on-board diagnostic tool that gives current engine related data (EOBD2/iOBD2) including current fault codes, pending faults, live data stream, freeze frame data, readiness tests, O2 and evaporative system tests.

  • Vehicle Compatibility

    iOBD2 MFi BT works with all cars after 1996 with OBD2/ EOBD2 protocol.

  • Free update

    Download latest iOBD2 App with new features from Google play or Apple Store.

  • Feedback

    Make yourself part of our team, if you have any new idea about our App, you can share it with us through feedback.

  • Low Power

    You can leave it plugged in the car without worrying it will drain out of your vehicle battery.

Parameters and packing list


Packing list


  • Working Voltage:9~12 V
  • Working Humidity:< 60 %.
  • Net Weight:< 50 g
  • Working Temperature:-25℃~75℃
  • Sleep-mode Electric Current:< 3 mA
  • Storage Temperature:-40℃~85℃
  • Storage Humidity:< 80 %
  • Flash:2MB
  • Dimension:48 * 42 * 25 (mm)


  • User Manual

  • iOBD2 mini dongle

Main Units

  • iOBD2

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